Ergonomics services

We are committed to the philosophy of using ergonomics principles to promote the modern concept that 'work should be comfortable when we are well, and accommodating when we are ill' (Hadler 1997). That requires a multimodal approach to get all the players onside, and is much more than a physical ergonomics intervention.

Work should not be considered to be 'toxic. Work is essentially good for health and well-being, assuming that significant workplace hazards are controlled through suitable risk assessment and ergonomic intervention.

There is a strong business case for a common sense approach to workplace ergonomics. Working with all tiers of management, as well as human resources, health & safety reps and workers, we work with you to improve the quality of the work and the workplace within a supportive environment.

Our approach is about promoting the culture of 'health at work' and 'health through work'. That is a matter of ensuring that work is comfortable, satisfying, and permits a suitable measure of control. It is also a mater of developing links with healthcare. Ultimately, health at work needs all the players (workers, employers, managers, health professionals) to be onside, believing the same things and working together to a common goal.

Operationalising all this is where we come in.

Services include:

  • task design
  • work organisation
  • participatory ergonomics
  • absence management
  • return-to-work programmes
  • work retention strategies
  • modified work

Training issues:

  • risk assessments
  • health education
  • quality of work
  • transitional work arrangements
  • communications and dispelling myths
  • rehabilitation principles
  • obstacles to work participation

In addition to providing ergonomics services to industry, we are actively engaged in research. Our publications pages will give you examples of our wide ranging experience in this field, where our clients have included insurers, industry and government departments.