We are an occupational health research consultancy, specialising in the understanding and management of work-relevant common health problems, with a focus on musculoskeletal disorders. 

The consultancy is headed up by Kim Burton OBE, who also has a Professorial appointment at the University of Huddersfield.

With a high International profile for research into musculosleletal disorders, we are committed to developing and promoting evidence-based practice in both the clinic and the workplace.

Taking a can-do approach, we deliver practical solutions across a wide range of topics, disciplines, and environments: healthcare; research; ergonomics; occupational health; training; workplace; policy; legal; insurance; government departments; service providers; universities.


* Tackling Musculoskeletal Problems: A Guide for Clinic and Workplace Identifying Obstacles Using the Psychosocial Flags Framework Nick Kendall, Ki...

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Recent publications

Recent publications

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Clinical Biomechanics

An International scientific journal listed in Index Medicus, published by Elsevier Science. The editorial office is in Huddersfield staffed Debbie McStrafick, Managing Editor. [Kim was Editor-in-Chief between 1986 and 2015]


Professional Case Manager

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