Expert witness fees

Since Kim has now retired from expert witness work, these are relevant only to outstanding work on instructions accepted before Novemebr 2017. 



Professional services (e.g. report/inspection/conference time) £190 per hour
Travel by motor car £140 per hour
Travel by public transport £110 per hour
Court attendance £1200 per day
Expenses (travel fares, hotels, etc.) £cost

Examples of typical inclusive ranges (depending on volume of documentation, distance and complexity of inspections etc) are as follows:

Preliminary report         £300 - £700
Desktop report £1250 - £4500
Report with site visit

£2500 - £6000

Prepare joint statement £400 - £1200
Supplementary report £600 - £1500


 A single joint expert report will be invoiced 50:50 between Claimant and Defendant solicitors (unless instructed otherwise).

Additional charges for routine correspondence and telephone are not normally made, but items such as DVDs, photography and extensive copying are chargeable. Worksite visits or Court attendance that require overnight stay may attract an extra charge.

Items such as answering written questions, attendance at conference, discussions between experts, letters of comment, and revisions to reports in the light of further evidence are charged at the hourly rate of £190.

Cancellation charges are applied for late cancellation of court and inspection bookings as follows:
1-2 working days @ 100%; 3-7 working days @ 75%; 8-14 working days @ 50%

Invoicing is at completion of each element of the case, with settlement due 21 days.

[Instructions where experts' fees are contingent on outcome cannot be accepted. Claimant's solicitors who are working under contingency fee arrangements and wish to discuss staged payment of fees should do so prior to issuing formal instructions].