Tackling Musculoskeletal Problems: A Guide for Clinic and Workplace
Identifying Obstacles Using the Psychosocial Flags Framework

Nick Kendall, Kim Burton, Chris Main, Paul Watson. TSO, 2009

Most people experience musculoskeletal problems some time during their lifetime. This practical guide is aimed at everyone involved in tackling musculoskeletal problems in healthcare and the workplace. It explores the problems and solutions, sets out the steps that need to be taken and, importantly who needs to take them, and when.

The two main environments where musculoskeletal problems can be tackled are healthcare and the workplace, so the key players for this title are healthcare and the workplace. This guide, which speaks to both, introduces colour-coded flags to help identify aspects of the person, their workplace, and their wider social environment that are acting as obstacles to workparticipation. The guide then assists in developing and implementing a plan that addresses specific problems and provides a timeline for recovery.


The Biomechanics of Back Pain (3rd  edition)

Mike Adams, Nik Bogduk, Kim Burton, Trish Dolan. Churchill Linvinstone, 2012

Kim Burton is co-author on this successful book that blends the biomechanics and clinical aspects of back trouble. The third edition is a substantial update to reflect the latest research into this enigmatic biopsychosocial problem.